Product Review: Columbia Sportswear Thermarator Gloves

Yes, even in Texas it gets cold. We’ve barely gotten above freezing the past several days and it can be a drag when you want a cigar but have to freeze to death. Well not literally, but you get it (and no, I don’t smoke in the house or car; I hate the smell of stale smoke)

I have avenues of keeping warm though: I have some thick jackets and such, but one item I lacked was gloves so my  hands always got really cold. I finally decided to break down and buy a pair of gloves but needed them to be touchscreen compatible (yes, I’m part of the plugged-in generation). I did some looking and found a pair of these at the local Academy so I decided to jump on them. I’ve used them a few days now so I can give an accurate review:

Fit: Pretty true to size. Columbia conveniently gives a sizing guide and it’s pretty accurate if you measure wrist to middle finger. I opted for a large size and it’s a perfect fit for me (note: I measure just under 8.5″ wrist to middle finger).

Comfort: These are very soft material and very comfortable on the hands without being overly bulky. You can still move your fingers very easily, even brand new.

Warmth: Definitely gets good marks here. The gloves are very warm and retain your natural body heat well enough. Stay outside for extended periods and your hands do get a bit cold as the gloves cool off with ambient temperature, but even staying outside smoking a long-ish cigar didn’t make my hands freeze. The only parts that get fairly cold are the touchscreen-sensitive fingertips as they are a different material, but not unbearably cold and definitely nowhere near as cold as bare hands would be. Naturally, they do get colder in higher winds than still winds, but that’s anything.

Touchscreen Compatibility: Probably the most important aspect I was looking for, and these get absolutely top marks. I was able to use my iPhone SE without difficulty once I figured out how to type with them on. It took maybe 5 minutes or so of practice to find out where the “sweet spot” on the glove was. Once you adapt it’s as easy as typing with your bare hands.

Value: I got these on sale for $16 at my local Academy which is a really good value, but full price they are a bit pricy. Whatever the case, you definitely get quality for your money.

Overall: I’d recommend these gloves for any plugged-in person. They will keep the chill out and keep you online. These work well and if you can get them on sale reasonably priced. Your fingertips might get just a touch cold but other than that it’s hard to find fault with them. Rating: 4.5/5.