My Pre-Tattoo Routine 

I’m about an hour and a half away from starting my bell side piece so I figured I’d do a real-time post about my pre-tattoo routine to help me get in the zone. 

I start about an hour and a half before with a substantial, but not huge, protein-packed meal to help sustain me through the session and stave off hunger. You don’t want spikes and dips in your blood sugar as can be caused by the hormones that rage through your system during painful and stressful procedures – rather you want a steady source of fuel. It will make things less stressful and reduce the risk of passing out. 

After that, I go have a cigar to relax me and get me ready to go. Do what it is that calms your nerves beforehand. For me, it’s a light body cigar without any real nicotine kick. 

Also, hydrate with water. Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol prior to a session. Just water is your best option. 

And that’s it for me. That’s what I do and it works for me. What’s your pre-tattoo routine?