Bell Tattoo Phase 1

So here we go; just got done with the first session of my bell tattoo. Here’s where we are right now:


Obviously this is a work in progress as there will be color in it but as it is a rather large piece and quite a bit of trauma was done to the skin in this phase it had to be broken into two parts – which is A-OK with me. 90% of it wasn’t actually all that bad – nothing like what I had anticipated. The only part that really fucking sucked was the silhouette as I figured it would. That was some of the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life. I was spitting out profanities left and right, screaming and I even had to pause about 2/3 of the way through it to walk around because I was getting light-headed.

I figured it really sucked for two reasons – 1) black fills are about the most painful thing due to the number of passes to get it that dark and 2) it was right on my ribcage. I mean, we’re talking pain level 4 on the tattoo pain chart.

Anyway, as far as phase 2 for the color, we’re setting our sights on black Friday. Stay tuned!