Fall/Winter Tattoo Preview!

So for those who’ve been anxiously awaiting the preview after I alluded to it in my video blog, here’s the current sketch:


I decided to get a tattoo symbolic of my love of change bell ringing – one of my favorite hobbies (my British readers will know all about it). After the last two months of back-and-forth this is what the talented Jade drew up for me. I wanted some stained glass and a bell, but she took it to another level with the addition of the silhouette. That was fucking killer.

This will be going on the ribs as mentioned, which I am VERY nervous about. I’ve heard the ribs really fucking suck pain-wise, but I’ve heard other people claim the ribs aren’t nearly as bad as they’re reputed to be. I guess I’ll find out; if all goes well phase one will go down this weekend (black/gray) with the completion of the coloring to happen around a month later. This one will definitely be a two session tattoo and I’ll definitely be having some Vasocaine on hand if it just gets too shitty to cope with.

Wish me luck as I go under the needle again!

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