A Little Look at My “Wineador”

With the hot Texas summers keeping cigars in optimal shape is a real challenge. Humidity isn’t such an issue if you’re like me and use tupperware containers as opposed to wooden humidors but temperature is the killer. Unless you want an insane electric bill keeping your house air conditioned at or below 70 degrees, you’re risking mold and beetles just leaving them out and about in your house.

So for the past couple of summers I’ve kept my cigars at the office where the A/C is set that low for the benefit of everyone who has to wear PPE. I knew my cigars would be safe there but I kind of got tired of doing that and having to pull cigars for the evenings/weekends. I wanted all my cigars accessible at home, so that’s when I decided I would get a thermoelectric wine refrigerator to store them in. It’s a little hack that has literally taken the cigar world by storm (in various capacities) so this just seemed like it’s what I needed.

So I took to looking at wine refrigerators and lo and behold the tiny ones weren’t much cheaper than a large-ish 28 count refrigerator with removable racks. I figured what the hell, might as well just get the big one and do double duty with it. I like red wines too and the ideal serving temperature for those is about 65 degrees F (18 degrees C) – which is perfect for storing cigars too, albeit a bit on the cool side but not cool enough to negatively impact them. Found a great deal on such at Wayfair and pulled the trigger.

So now, I have my tupperdors of cigars as well as some wine in it. It’s turned out to be a handy little appliance. Every cigar I’ve smoked out of it has burned, smoked and tasted as it should so the slightly cool storage temp hasn’t seemed to affect it at all. For those wondering, each one of my tupperdors are Dollar Tree specials and hold about 50 cigars depending on vitola and each one has two 60g 69% Boveda packs. Of course, if you’re the traditionalist you can put cedar shelves/drawers in and have your humidity source loose in the refrigerator but many find it harder to maintain the humidity that way.

Nonetheless, this is what it looks like right now, but the contents are surely to expand in the near future.


So yes, if you are a cigar lover and live in a hot climate, definitely get you a wine refrigerator and convert it into a “wineador.” It’ll make your life so much easier. If you enjoy wine that’s even better as you can use one appliance for both purposes. I must say I’m happy with the results.

3 thoughts on “A Little Look at My “Wineador”

    • You’ll be surprised at the deals you could find there.

      I paid $170 for this 28 bottle single zone unit and added a 3-year warranty for $30. Shipping via FedEx ground was free. I think this place even beat Walmart’s price on the same unit.


      • I’m going to look. I always see great prices on ginormous pieces of furniture that I’ve never had delivered before, although I guess its no different than any furniture delivery co!


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