Hurricane Harvey – A Reposted Facebook Rant

Before we get into my reposted rant, let me express my sincerest condolences to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Abilene and Dallas/Ft. Worth are both far enough inland that I was not adversely impacted by the storm but my company has several branches in coastal cities that were and I have several bell ringing friends in Houston who were also devastated so I’m feeling the impact in my heart nonetheless.

That said, I’m going to repost a brief political rant over the storm here, not because I necessarily like to post those here but because this needs to be said. I do try to remain as politically neutral on my blog as possible, though sometimes it’s impossible. There are some takeaways from Harvey that everyone needs to wake up to. Hopefully after a major disaster like this maybe some people will wake up and smell the coffee.

Rant below:

The thing about science is that it is true and it doesn’t give a fuck about your worthless, uneducated opinion. Climate change is very real. Hurricane Harvey is living proof. Pretty much every other hurricane would have dissipated by now. Harvey is still a tropical storm and one not too far below a category 1 hurricane. 

I say this as a slightly right of center libertarian. I ain’t no bleeding heart, liberal tree hugging hippie snowflake. I just acknowledge science. The movie The Day After Tomorrow is coming true right before our eyes and the scientifically illiterate Bible thumpers in this country can’t see it. In their delusional state of confirmation bias they see it as the “end times” and nothing else. 

Even despite my antinatalist beliefs and believing that existence is inherently harmful, the reality is life will continue to exist on this planet for billions more years. We need to take care of our planet so those life forms after us can have the least bad existences possible. 

Put your Bibles down and learn some science. That’s all there is to say here. 

This rant can also be read on my Facebook page (link in the “contact me” section of this blog) and by all means comment both here and there. The bottom line is we cannot continue ignoring this problem and we need to address it head on. Go paperless, trade in those gas guzzlers, switch to LED light bulbs, do whatever you feasibly can. Every little bit helps.

We need to be better stewards of our planet than we are now. That’s all there is to say. If the destruction of Hurricane Harvey doesn’t wake you up to that, well, you’re pretty much hopeless.

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3 thoughts on “Hurricane Harvey – A Reposted Facebook Rant

  1. I absolutely, one hundred percent agree with you! California has a lot of laws to combat climate change. No more plastic bags, renewable energy sources, our buses run on natural gas in San Diego. We also have an electric run trolley that is ever-expanding to cover more areas of the county. The Day After Tomorrow is absolutely where we’re headed. I *am* a Prius driving, tree-hugging hippie and I thank you for adding your voice from a very red state!!!☮

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    • It’ll largely fall on deaf ears around here but it doesn’t make it any less true. I’m definitely what I would call right of center on the political spectrum (though definitely not a Republican – the GOP disgusts me) but that does not mean I’m a science denier. The science is pretty clear and I live my life accordingly trying to minimize my “carbon footprint.”

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      • Every little bit helps. Maybe the tragedy of Harvey will wake Texas up. I doubt it though. Big Oil has big pockets and too many sheeple let their favorite talking heads in the media give them “facts”.
        Yeah, I’ll stop or I’ll be on a rant myself 🙊😬😕


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