Beer/Cigar Reviews: Wexford Irish Cream Ale & Foudry Zodipunk Juggernaut

Welcome to another edition of my beer and cigar reviews where we take a look at some notable (and not-so-notable) beers and cigars. Our lineup today doesn’t feature the normal heavy-duty stuff you’re used to seeing on this bit but every now and then some more “sessionable” products deserve to be featured here as well.

As always, we will start with our beer review and then look at today’s cigar selection.

Wexford Irish Cream Ale

Wexford is a nitrogen-infused Irish Cream Ale coming to us from Green King/Morland brewing company in Suffolk, England. As such, the name is somewhat misleading but I’ll give them a pass. I was unable to find any stats on this beer other than the ABV – 5.0%.

Pours from a nitrogen-infused pint can in the typical frothy nitrogen manor, which eventually settles into a medium-amber color with excellent head retention. Aromas of a light maltiness with an undertone of caramel. Flavors follow the nose with a caramel and saltiness usually found in these beers with a light, floral hop finish. Typical nitrogen creamy mouthfeel with very little tactile carbonation. Drinks easily enough and very sessionable.

Though not what I’d normally reach for it was a pleasing and refreshing beer perfect for a hot day. It’s not offensive but it’s not going to blow your mind either. Rating: 3.25/5.

Foundry Zodipunk Juggernaut

Picked up from the bargain bin at my local tobbaconist, this 6.25″ x 54RG Pyramid shaped stick features a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper above a Mexican San Andreas binder and Mexican and Dominican long fillers. It should be noted this particular line has different blends for each vitola so this review is very much vitola-specific.

Two cuts with the Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter opened the tip up revealing a perfect draw putting off a good amount of medium-bodied, creamy textured smoke with flavors of a sweet creamy leather on the draw and a zingy cedar on the finish and retrohale. The first third remained largely the same as the first light. As the ring gauge narrows into the 2nd third the cream and leather morph into a white chocolate type taste while retaining the cedar on the finish. The final third features a dramatic shift dropping almost all the sweetness and the cedar morphs into a heavier oakiness. The smoke went warm at 1 hour and 10 minutes and brought in a mild/medium nicotine strength.

Construction was above average holding an ash in solid 1/3 chunks and producing an acceptable burn that wasn’t completely razor sharp but only required one small touchup.

Overall this was a pleasing cigar; nothing amazing but pleasing enough. This would be a great cigar to have in the morning with your coffee or with a nice light ale such as above. It isn’t overpriced so it’s a cigar that can be had pretty inexpensively. Rating: 3.5/5.


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