Gunshots Outside My Door & 2nd Amendment Discussions

So first things first, now that I have a moment I owe you a brief explanation of my aloofness as of lately. Basically I am still with the company but in a different capacity. I’m on another end of the business which has been better (still not ideal mind you but it’s better than being unemployed). Basically I’m a specialist for one of our new big accounts handling all lift planning and pre-lift packets. I’m actually a lot more content now that I’m doing much more of the engineering side and much less of the quoting/selling/bidding side of things. It’s come with a substantial pay and benefits bump, but with a cost – relocating to Dallas.

Now, I’m not filthy rich still so my choices for living are rather limited and not always in the best neighborhoods. The cost of living here is much higher than in Abilene so my money doesn’t go nearly as far. As such, I did what I could and my living situation is less than ideal but what can you do?

So I wound up at this apartment complex on the outskirts of Dallas/Outer Mesquite. It’s nothing fancy but for a bachelor pad it will work. Alas, that’s not the problem – the neighborhood is predominantly black and boy are these people hostile toward white people. Don’t ever let it be said white people are the only people capable of being racist. In my experience the low-class black people who like to perpetuate thug subculture are among the most racist of people. They could grow beyond it but they choose not to, and yes, I’ve had racial slurs, etc. hurled at me already.

Anyway, so I’m already on alert living here (and looking for other options in the meantime) but at 2:15 AM CDT last night the sound of gunshots rang out just outside of my bedroom window – about 7 in all. I was predictably scared, called 911 and reported it. I was not hurt, nor did I have to get involved in the ordeal myself, but my night was ruined and not a good thing as I had to make a day trip to Houston today (with all the TSA and other bullshit).

Alas, this brings me to my final point – the 2nd Amendment. I have, and always will be, a supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I have a concealed carry license and there are just some places I will not go without a gun on my hip. After last night, I’m going to carry any time I’m out on the apartment lawn or moving around out there.

The only thing with the potential to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun (that includes Law Enforcement – back the blue!!!). That’s why I carry. The enemy might beat me to the draw and kill me anyway, but I will not go down without a fight. And you will not take my guns away from me. I take my constitutional right to own one very seriously.

Are there certain people who shouldn’t have guns? Absolutely, but gun control laws really don’t affect those people. They will find a way one way or another. It only makes it difficult to impossible for us law-abiding citizens to obtain guns. I simply won’t hear of it.

Ever since I moved here I have slept with my loaded gun right beside my bed. Now I know why. I don’t go looking for trouble but you better damn well bet I’ll shoot someone out of self-preservation. I might not be happy about it but I’ll do it.

So what do I carry? My carry gun for every day is the Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm. It’s light, compact and for its size and class has a solid capacity – 7 + 1 with the standard mag and 8 + 1 with the extended mag. I normally carry the 7 round out and about (smaller – easier to conceal) and keep the extended mag in for home use (always with the +1 in the chamber). I like that it has a thumb safety (some hate it – I love it and flicking it off when drawing is 2nd nature to me) and I actually prefer the slightly firmer trigger pull vs. competitor’s models (easier for me to control personally). 9mm is my caliber preference for light recoil and higher capacity.

That’s just what works for me. Carry what works for you. What do you carry? Let me know. And know I’m OK and I will be OK in the end. It’s all good.


2 thoughts on “Gunshots Outside My Door & 2nd Amendment Discussions

  1. I live in the UK – nobody carries guns here at all outside of those carrying them illegally – and neither do the police. It’s interesting to get an insight into the reasoning behind your decision to carry a gun though – there are parallels to the “mutually assured destruction” argument, aren’t there.

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  2. Glad to hear there is some resolution to the employment situation! I would suggest doubling down on locks, too.
    I let go of all my firearms a while ago for maybe the wrong reasons, but used to carry a 40 cal Ruger. It’s one of few that fits comfortably in my big hand and has appreciable knockdown in case of a large animal attack.


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