Pisces With Wave – Fully Healed

Remember how raw and irritated this looked when fresh? That’s completely normal and it seems people new to tattoos freak out when they see that. Well, the tattoo machine literally creates thousands to millions of tiny perforations in the skin so oozing and bleeding are to be expected. It’s just some colors show blood better than others (most notably light colors and very light graywashes). As my artist says, you just have to “trust it” at the outset.

Well, here’s the finished product. Note the redness and such is all gone and the ink remains and shows through. This is after a total of two weeks healing time I should say – 1 week in the Saniderm and 1 week worth of peeling. Yet another reason I love Saniderm – healing would have taken much longer using the old method.


Anyway, just figured you should see the finished product. The My Tattoos page has been updated to reflect this last change. I’ll be trying to get other updated pictures as I can.


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