Players Only Love You When They’re Playing

OK, I know that song is about something totally different than what I’m about to post, but I think that one particular lyric taken out of context and left open ended is very applicable to the way I’ve been treated the past two years. The boss who puts on a charade of a loving, caring, crucifix-wearing Catholic but is a real player and snake underneath fits that song lyric perfectly.

With as much shit has come to light recently with the division I work in, I can’t help but have flashbacks to The Flintstones movie (if you’ve never seen it you should – the critics hated it but it is a really good movie). I feel like Fred Flintstone and my boss is Cliff Vandercave and that I’ve been nothing but played the past couple of years.

Going to the part of the movie where things really start heating up, we go to this scene with CV and the secretary Sharon Stone (note, all excerpts might be slightly paraphrased because I don’t recall the exact lines, but they go something like this):

SS: Well the test results are in.
CV: And our unsuspecting dupe is?
SS: Actually the person who scored the highest was Fred Flinstone (note: after Barney switched tests with Fred as repayment for his kind deed at the beginning of the film).
CV: That big ape?
SS: No, the big ape got a 65.
CV: Flintsone? He must have cheated. This can’t be right! He’s dense, he’s witless…

As Miss Stone points out, a dense, witless candidate was the perfect choice for their master plan to swindle Slate and Co. out of their massive fortunes, regardless of the circumstances of him being at the top of the list. However, as the movie progresses, the two realize that Fred is much smarter than they initially thought and is starting to come onto their master plan. As such, they tweak their game a bit and are once again able to get Fred to comply with their shady and even illegal activities. Of course, eventually all this comes to light and luckily Fred has a way to prove his innocence within all of this (note: Miss Stone switched allegiances at the end of the film after learning Cliff was going to scam her too).

I write this because I just have this sick feeling I was initially selected for my position back in August 2015 because my boss (who was a relatively new hire at the company) saw me as dense, witless and naive because of the fact that I’m autistic (let’s face it – that’s what the mainstream media loves to portray us as). People like Cliff Vandercave and my boss love to prey upon people with various disabilities because they see us as easy targets and when the shit finally hits the fan they plant us as their fall people thinking we are weak and we won’t stand up against them.

Well, my boss preyed upon the wrong person for sure. One of these days he will be exposed for the shady (and maybe even illegal!!!) practices he has his little minions do for him, and when he is I won’t take the fall for it. I just refuse. I’m much smarter than that. Cutting back to the movie for a second:

CV: Flintsone! I heard you were in the file room earlier. Find anything interesting?
FF: Yeah, I’m on to your little scam! Installing faulty equipment, firing everyone and keeping the fortune for yourself. I’m going to Mr. Slate.
CV: Good! Coming forward might buy you a little leniency.
FF: The equipment was YOUR idea!
CV: True, but I graciously decided to give you all the credit since it was your name on the requisition forms.
FF: I’m innocent!
CV: Oh boo-hoo-hoo! Miss Stone, call security. Tell them we’ve uncovered an embezzler.
FF: Miss Stone, you’ll back me up on this, right?
SS: You better run while you still can.
FF: You’ll never get away with this!
CV: I already have.

Of course, it all comes out in the end thanks to a piece of office equipment known as the Dictabird and Fred is cleared of any wrongdoing but still. This is exactly the situation I feel like I’m in and I can only hope that when all the bullshit surfaces (and it will, the truth will make its way out into the open eventually!) I’ve documented the goings on well enough that I can stay out of trouble.

Whatever you corporate slaves do, keep record of everything. Forward anything that might incriminate you for illegal or shady activity to your personal email for future reference. Document it all. It might just keep you out of jail sometime. This goes for everyone but especially individuals who the corporate sharks see as easy prey.

Tread with caution and be careful who you work for.

2 thoughts on “Players Only Love You When They’re Playing

  1. I shake my head and sigh. I would like to believe the truth surfaces and people do get their come-uppance. But there are lawyers. Money flows and the shams go on. Like you say, CYA. The raw, unedited truth on record is the only defense an honest person has.

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  2. I worked for a very large corporation for 15years before my disability. The most important thing I always told new hires (and reminded everyone) was document, document, document! I worked in a customer service area of the company so it was important to document coworker info and also customer/contractor info.
    Many many times the printed word ended complaints/problems/questions.
    Great post!


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