Song Lyric Sunday 7/22/17 – You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Our prompt for Song Lyric Sunday this week is a song about friendship. Well OK, that one is kind of hard because I have so few friends (if I even have any!) so this was a challenging prompt. The wheels turned for a long time in my head trying to think of something else besides this default choice but I couldn’t think of anything so I have to default to this.

Here then is “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” written and recorded by Randy Newman and as performed in Pixar’s first ever film Toy Story. The lyrics are transcribed in the video so I won’t transcribe them below but you get it.

With that, since it is such a cliche song, I’ll include a totally adorable father/daughter duet here. This is sure to warm your heart and you can see the strong bond these two have with one another.

That’s a wrap for today. Again, sorry this was probably the lamest SLS yet for me but hey, it fits. So sue me.


4 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday 7/22/17 – You’ve Got a Friend in Me

  1. Great song! I sing (badly) to Ben all the time.
    Here’s two more “friend” songs for future reference. You probably know both…1) James Taylor “You’ve Got A Friend” 2) Queen “You’re My Best Friend”


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