It Really *IS* The Little Things

OK, just a short, sweet late night post because this really is post-worthy. I hope this serves as a reminder that it is in fact those little things that can make someone’s day.

I ran to the grocery store this evening to get a few essentials and I had a rather pleasant little back-and-forth with some random middle-aged lady:

Her: “Man, you are sporting those shorts, I love it.”
Me (Grinning from ear to ear and blushing by this point): “Well thank you, ma’am.”
Her: “Stay blessed, man.”
Me: “And same to you.”

Just a simple kind word is all it takes to make someone’s day sometimes. Just a simple reminder to always be kind and show love to one another. You never know who might need to hear something nice the most.

Good night, WP. Got an awesome beer/cigar review post that I’m writing up right now that will go live tomorrow (that was going to be tonight’s post but this took precedence), so stay tuned.



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