Tattoo Withdrawals…

Yes, it’s a real thing. It’s been four months since my last tattoo session and I’m going absolutely crazy here. I so long to smell the sterile chemical smell, hear the electrical buzz of tattoo machines and feel the sting of needles as they are guided by the skilled hands of an artist injecting tiny drops of ink into my dermis and creating beautiful art.

Say what you will, but getting a tattoo for me is one of the times I’m most at peace. It’s almost meditative. They don’t call it “ink therapy” for nothing – I’ve never found any mode of therapy (be it antidepressants, counseling, etc.) as effective as a tattoo session. I always leave a session feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to take on the world again. During stressful times like these, I long to feel that again more than ever. If I could get a new tattoo every day I’d probably function a lot better mentally because it is so therapeutic, but seeing as how we each only have a limited amount of canvas and tattoos are really fucking expensive, well that’s not really an option.

So right now I’m designing two more ideas to be inked onto me in the fairly near future – one addition and one cover-up. The first one will be an addition – as cool as my Pisces tattoo is it is kind of plain and could really benefit from a background. Jada (my local artist) says she has a totally awesome idea and will be sharing it with me this week so I’m totally excited to see what she comes up with.

The next one after that will be a cover-up. As much as I have gone back and forth about covering up my semicolon tattoo almost ever since I got it, I’ve just decided I’ll be happier long-term if I just cover the thing and forget about it. It won’t be an internal battle if I move forward and just do it so it’s probably the best course of action. Given the religious affiliation with Project Semicolon and given that I am an atheist, there’s just something about it that’s never felt right so to speak. As such, I feel like I have a religious symbol on me that I really don’t want. I’ve got a great idea for a cover-up that I think would look great (a Celtic Knot type of design) but I just need to get an idea of sizing and OMFG is it going to hurt like a motherfucker (1. it’s on the wrist and 2. cover-ups/touchups/re-works hurt worse than new tattoos) so whereas I’m looking forward to having that thing gone I’m not looking forward to the totally intense pain and suffering that I will endure to have it covered. I will probably require the use of numbing products to get through that but you do what you have to, right?

Anyway, what do you think? Do any of my readers have cover-up tattoos and can you share your experiences with me? I’ve never had a cover-up done (I’ve not any other tattoo I wish to cover – I love all of mine except the semicolon) so that would be new territory for me. By all means, chime in with your experiences!


5 thoughts on “Tattoo Withdrawals…

      • You know if you want another you might consider volunteering as a canvas for Ink Master or a similar show. I imagine they don’t film too far from you.

        They can’t charge you for being a canvas so it might be a good way to get a free tattoo. Of course it’s also a risk – it could be awesome or it could totally suck.


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