First Concert Debriefing…

OMG, I might not be able to sleep tonight. That was so fucking sick. Wow, I’m going to be high as a kite for days.

I honestly didn’t know how I would do seeing as how I don’t usually do well with large crowds but I managed to cope just fine. No bits of social anxiety, I didn’t overhear anyone say anything about my short shorts, tattoos, earrings or eyeliner (hey; it was almost an 80s-themed concert anyway, right?) and I actually was able to just kind of let loose, sing and dance with the music.

Of course, I did have moments of involuntary stimming (hey, it happens – sensory overload isn’t always due to negative stimuli) but I don’t think anyone really noticed or paid attention (not even my immediate neighbors – yes it was a packed house for sure).

Tears for Fears’ set goes without saying – that was absolutely incredible. I have to say though, I totally enjoyed Hall & Oates too – their songs are hit and miss but I’m glad I chose to stay for their set (even though I would have preferred 3 solid hours of TFF, truth be told).

Alas, I did learn a couple of things to use for future concerts, should I see any: 1) definitely balcony seating. The volume was rather intense, even with earplugs in and with my hyper-sensitive hearing front row seating or even in the middle is just too much. 2) Don’t be afraid to park far away and walk. I opted for garage parking right across from the venue this time around and I regretted it as it took forever to get out of the garage. One of a few times driving a manual really sucks, I have to admit (and I did start to get really irritated trying to get out). Next time I know better.

I have to wonder though, with as great as that experience was, is that the peak of my life? Is it all downhill from here, or will I have another amazing experience like this at some point? How long do I wait for it to happen, or do I throw in the towel and check out now?

I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. In the meantime, wow, what a show. No regrets at all (even though I was unsure I even wanted to go to begin with, due to aforementioned issues). I could do this again, I think.


One thought on “First Concert Debriefing…

  1. Concerts are so so much fun!!! I’ve been going to concerts since I was 12. Pat Benatar was my first back in 1980.
    I’m so glad you had fun! With your super sensitive hearing maybe outdoor concerts?? Even with my Fibromyalgia I make sure I go to at least one show a year. I just make sure I have a seat. No more pit for me😕


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