Patriot (head)games

Reblogging as a supplement to my post earlier today. It’s so true.

Who Loves Kitty

Hi and welcome to the 2017 edition of the United States’ Independence Day!

First, I must congratulate all of the awesome fellow bloggers who are using the correct term in their Independence Day-themed posts! Independence Day in the US is not “the 4th of July” any more than Christmas Day is “the 25th of December” or US Thanksgiving is “the fourth Thursday of November”. So for that, I genuinely thank you. ❤

Today is a day of celebration in the US, even if the festivities have been watered down over the years, reduced to a cheap excuse to take a day off work, start fires with barbecue grills and fireworks, or have a mattress sale.

Independence Day didn’t quite used to be like that. Everybody trotted out the fireworks, yes, but the flags came with it. And so did a shred of patriotism.

Which leads me back around to what…

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