Sad Day for My Blog…

…I really hoped to not have to do this, but with the instances of verbal (typographical?) abuse I’ve dealt with at times in the past on this blog and another very recent instance of such, I have had to formally establish a commenting policy.

I will be including a link to the policy on most of my blog entries moving forward (maybe with the exception of any awards, challenges or Song Lyric Sunday posts) but just know if you’re a long-time reader and we’ve exchanged comments before, this doesn’t affect or apply to you whatsoever. More or less it will be new or unfamiliar commenters I screen more closely.

My newly instituted commenting policy can be read here. As I said, it probably doesn’t affect you, but it’s just a safeguard for my own well-being and the well-beings of those I care most about here.

Thank you all for understanding.

-Lynn Blair, The Inked Autist


3 thoughts on “Sad Day for My Blog…

  1. I had to laugh at the “sailor mouth(fingers?)” I grew up in San Diego where we had a Naval Training Center & a Marine Corp Recruit Depot. As a teen I had a LOT of unfortunate experiences with squids & jar heads fresh out of boot camp. Ugh! Anyway, that comment made me laugh.
    It’s your blog! Do what you gotta do to take care if you👍🌻🌴😎


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