Some Wise Words From Curt Smith

So I came across this video in my recommendations today (after YouTube recovered from its massive outage this early morning!). The segment “Today I’m Brave” featured Curt Smith (bassist, co-founder and co-lead vocalist of Tears for Fears) where he was discussing some “brave” steps he took in his own life and I think we can apply this to all of our lives, regardless of whether or not we’re pop stars. I think it’s especially true for those of us who are “different” for one way or another (be it autistic or some other deviant mental/physical trait).

I encourage you to take three minutes out of your day to listen to what Curt has to say here. You’ll be glad you did.

Powerful, isn’t it? Self-acceptance is often difficult, but in the end so worth it. It’s not something you achieve overnight either – it takes years. I really am trying. It’s not been easy but I think I’m making strides.


3 thoughts on “Some Wise Words From Curt Smith

  1. What he says about people in your life because they want to be with the true *you* is so true. I’m me. Always. If you like me great, if you don’t… there’s the door. Great post! 🌟✨💫


    • It’s one of those things it’s taken me years of struggling to figure out. Of course, with the pathology model of autism spectrum disorders I was always led to believe I’m the problem. It’s taken me several years to realize that if people can’t handle me as I am, it’s not my problem at all. It’s theirs.

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      • 🙌👏 Absolutely correct!! It’s totally their problem. It took me a long time to get over my childhood & my gaslighting abusive ex but the freedom of being just me is awesome!


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