Concerning Shopping – Online vs. B&M

I’ll just all-out admit it: I hate shopping in brick and mortar stores. I just absolutely hate it. Sales associates watching your every move, people staring at you and sizing you up, the long lines, the stupid small talk while you check out and all the other bullshit that goes along with it. Definitely not a healthy environment for anyone on the autism spectrum.

Alas, there are time where one has no choice to go into a large brick and mortar store (most notably grocery shopping as buying frozen/refrigerated stuff just doesn’t work online). In those cases, I go in, get exactly what I need and get out. I don’t lolly-gag around, look at random shit, make impulse purchases, etc. – I just get what I need and I’m fucking out of there. I spend as little time as possible before I’m checked out and bailed.

Nah, give me online shopping any day. No long lines, no social anxiety, nothing like that. It comes right to your door and you often times get much better prices when buying online even once you figure in shipping. It’s so much easier and stress free, not to mention you can peruse to your heart’s content without salespeople looming over your shoulder and trying to pressure you into a purchase.

Now, for small purchases in like a little boutique brick and mortar shop I’m all about that, particularly if it’s a type of shop that interests me. These places usually don’t have large crowds, only a couple of employees and they pretty much leave you to peruse to your heart’s content. That’s fine. When it can be a solitary, quiet experience that’s all good with me. My objection is to large department stores and such. Not to mention, I am all about supporting local small businesses. It’s good for the local economy.

Now excuse me while I go enjoy my awesome new wine refrigerator that I got from Wayfair, which will become a “wineador” – more or less a refrigerated cigar humidor. Yes, it’ll serve dual function – I’ll keep my cigars in it (in the humidified tupperware containers I store them in – I don’t do wooden humidors; too much of a pain) to stave off mold and tobacco beetles and a few bottles of wine. Living in hot Texas the dreaded tobacco beetle is always a worry for cigar smokers.

So are you more of an online or a B&M shopper?

2 thoughts on “Concerning Shopping – Online vs. B&M

  1. I’d much rather order stuff on line than go to one of those huge stores. Ever since I became disabled I can’t handle crowds. Since I’ve got Ben with me all the time he’s not at school we avoid crowds anyway cuz his autistic brain *definitely* can’t handle the noise & lights & people. I also agree about supporting local shops. I’d much rather my money went to a Mom & Pop than a corporation. I’m even willing to spend a little more to support local farmers & merchants. If I want cheap crap that breaks I’ll order from China, forget Walmart! Enjoy your new wineador πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒπŸŒ»

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