Obsessive or Just Well-Prepared?

So this weekend is one of the biggest weekends for a racing fan living in Texas – this is Verizon IndyCar Series weekend at Texas Motor Speedway, featuring a Friday race in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series (Rattlesnake 400) and the featured IndyCar race Saturday night (Rainguard Water Sealers 600). Needless to say I got tickets and pit passes as soon as I could. This ought to be fun.

Anyway, with the races coming up this weekend I’m just agonizing over every aspect of getting ready. I want everything to go absolutely perfectly and without issues so I’m making sure I cross off all my necessities – tickets, igh-SPF, non-comedogenic sunscreen (oh man does it suck having hormonal teenager skin), insect repellant, seat cushion, in-ear plugs, earmuffs, sharpie for autographs (in case I get a chance to get a couple), backpack small enough to carry into the speedway, cooler, beer, water, sandwiches, etc. etc.!!! A lot goes into preparing for a weekend at the speedway!

Anyway, those around me always go crazy when I think and re-think to make sure I’ve got everything I need for anything, but I’m a firm believer in being over-prepared. It’s always better to have stuff on you that you won’t need rather than to not have stuff you might need, because lo and behold you will wind up needing it. That’s just the way it works, and with my autistic wiring needing something you don’t have on the fly is a sure-fire way to induce a meltdown because I’ll be freaking out.

Nah, I might agonize over it for several hours but you damn well better believe I’m going to have everything I might need in that little backpack I’m allowed to carry into the speedway. It will go with me everywhere, including into the pits and the garage so I’ll always have it on me ready to go. Again, better to be over-prepared.

So as I get everything ready, I’m gradually building my TMS “survival pack” and I’m sure to have a great time. This is going to be awesome, I can feel it. If any of my readers will be in attendance, if you run into me please say hi. You should be able to recognize me by the short shorts and the tattoos. 😉

Anyway, my fellow “neurodivergent” people (see, I’m trying to use politically correct terminology, LOL!!!), what say you? Are you the overprepared or undeprepared type?


4 thoughts on “Obsessive or Just Well-Prepared?

  1. Have fun Lynn! I tend to under pack and then regret it. Lol If you are looking for a good sunscreen that won’t clog pores I love babyganic sunscreen. It’s a little pricey, but gentle (made for babies) and works great!


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