One Year (& a Day) of Blogging

So here we are, 366 days after I launched The Inked Autist. My blogging anniversary was actually yesterday but of course yesterday being a Sunday was reserved for Song Lyric Sunday so this post is coming a day late. So sue me.

A year ago I launched this blog as a late bloomer into tattoo culture and with the intention of mainly focusing on tattoos and tattoo-related topics, with some general life quips and some autistic anecdotes as well. I never expected this to be anything more than a personal diary. The fact I have an infinitesimally small actual following is actually beyond what I ever expected. Of course, as my base grew so did the topics I write about and that’s OK; it’s good to broaden your horizons.

Over the past year I’ve met a lot of new people near and far, exchanged ideas with others on the autism spectrum and made countless enemies too. Oh well, it happens. As you get noticed you also get your detractors and those who hate you. It’s all good.

I am sometimes discouraged and want to quit admittedly, especially when I get my ass reamed. Rest assured though, I’m not going anywhere. I will continue to be around, even if just for my tiny following. It is you who make this blog worthwhile to me.

So what’s in store for year 2? I have no idea yet, but we shall see. The best has yet to come, after all. Thanks for sticking around. Your readership is greatly appreciated.

Much love to you all,
Lynn Blair, “The Inked Autist”


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