Cigar Reviews: Blanco Primos Classic Series (Best Budget Cigars?)

Count me as a big fan of Blanco Cigars in general. Every one of them I’ve had I’ve loved (the CO Thirds Series, the Blanco Nine and now these). David Blanco has definitely established himself as one of the all-time great blenders and he’s done it again with the Primos Classic Series.

These cigars are for the budget smoker in mind. Ranging in price** from $2.50/stick for the smallest vitola (Poquitos/short Lancero – 4″ x 38RG) to $3.37/stick for the largest (Double Corona – 7″ x 52RG), these are cigars you can buy bundles of and not burn a hole in your wallet. Each one features Nicaraguan mixed filler (but don’t let that fool you – this is premium tobacco; he said he uses the trimmings off of his long filler cigars in these so he’s just re-purposing the leftovers), Nicaraguan binder and either a Connecticut, Sumatran or Habano Maduro wrapper.

As with every Blanco blend I’ve had, all three series feature impeccable construction, even burn and an easy draw. Whereas you’re not going to win a long-ash contest with these, the ash holds on for about an inch at a time which is more than respectable for a mixed filler cigar. Burn time was what I would call average for each size, which truly shocked me. I was expecting them to be a fast burn but you can expect about your average smoke time in each size (this of course varies depending on how many draws/minute you tend to take, how many puffs you take per draw and whether you end your cigars on the early side as I do or you smoke them down to nothing).

As far as the flavors, there are predictably differences between the three, but all three have a very nice profile and are quite mild on the nicotine strength. These also have a consistent blend in that they don’t really have transition points but still feature great taste. Here are the general tasting notes for each:

Natural (Connecticut): Medium to medium-full body featuring notes of a slightly sweet vanilla and creamy leather on the draw and finishing with a zingy woodiness and a hint of pepper on the retrohale.

Sumatra: Medium body featuring a creamy caramel on the draw with a roasted nutty finish. A fleeting hint of sweet nasal spice on the retrohale and a tinge of hot cinnamon on the back of the palate.

Maduro: Surprisngly the mildest of the three at a mild-medium. Smooth, slightly sweet and creamy earth on the draw with a hint of hot chocolate on the finish and retrohale.

Overall if I had to pick a favorite I’d probably go with the Natural but the Sumatra was right on its toes. The maduro was good but a little mild for my personal taste.

All in all these are excellent cigars for a variety of applications: for those on a budget, those looking for a lunch break cigar or who want a nice companion for yard work or a day outdoors. The maduro would go great with a cup of coffee in the morning and the Natural and Sumatra would make a great companion for a Vienna-style lager while enjoying the great outdoors or a cookout.

These would also be really great cigars for the beginner or the seasoned smoker to buy by the bundle for an “everyday” cigar. I doubt you’re going to find a better cigar in this price bracket. I’ll definitely be stocking up on these and smoking a lot of them.

**Price per stick based on direct purchase from Blanco Cigars online store.


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