Home Again

Well, here I am about 40 minutes home and very, very sore. I’ve not done any real ringing since about last October when I went over to ring for a wedding in Dallas briefly as our local tower here in Abilene is currently unringable.

Oh well, it was a blast. Four and a half days of solid ringing so needless to say I’m flat-out worn out. I rang a number of different “methods,” did some conducting and was part of a quarter-peal attempt that unfortunately went sour about half way in due to an outside disruption of concentration (sucks too; it was trucking along beautifully until then). Aside from the ringing we were treated to some very nice dinners, drinks and just general BSing about life in general. Oh, and my tattoos (which were new since most of the ringers last saw me) were a topic of discussion as well. Go figure.

So this brings an end to this vacation. Truth be told I’m incredibly sad. Who knows if/when I’ll get to ring again? The vestry at my home parish has made it very clear they have no interest in reviving our bells, which also makes me very sad.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Alas, here’s a picture of me “in my element.” I’m ringing the tenor (heaviest bell) in this picture, and well, it should be obvious which one I am. The running shorts and the little piece visible of my Saltire tattoo on my calf kind of give it away. 😉 Photo credit to Trinity Cathedral Ringing Society of Little Rock, AR.

Yes, I promise I’m enjoying it, despite my very serious expression. I always look serious like that when I ring.


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