My Miserable First Piercing Experience

So here we are, about three months after I got my earlobes pierced as an almost 30-year-old adult. Yeah, I know, talk about old for first piercings. Hell, I was an old tattoo virgin when I got my first one of those too. Oh well, better late than never I guess, right?

Anyway, I have to say my experience has been absolutely miserable. It seemed like nothing has gone right with the aftermath and even the right piercing (which was my first ever piercing as it was the first ear done) didn’t go exactly smoothly either. So there was that, well what else could go wrong?

Well, let’s just say everything. When I first got pierced I was told to do nothing and that was the “new way” of doing things – no twisting, turning nothing. OK, seems simple enough. Well about three weeks in I seemed to have snagged my right earring on something giving my ear a bit of a tear and it got really irritated to the point it seemed like an infection. Well OK, I go to the doctor, get checked out and I’m just told to aggressively clean and Neosporin. I got it healed up fairly quickly.

Well then I start getting more infection scares as I noticed when I was cleaning them (with just a saline solution as astringents can irritate a piercing) I was noticing pus on the pads. Well here we go again, cleaning and Neosporin and I seemingly get them cleared up and all is well again, only for it to return again on my left ear a couple of weeks later.

This time, however, I noticed no other signs of infection – no redness, swelling or heat radiating from the piercing. It wasn’t infected. That’s when I realized that wasn’t the problem at all – it was my stupid hormonal teenage boy complexion. For whatever reason I’ve been breaking out on the backs of my earlobes (not unheard of for me) and I was confusing them for piercing infections. Of course, it’s been happening more since I’ve been pierced.

I have to say, it’s not been pleasant. Alas, my piercings are finally almost healed up enough to start wearing other earrings but man, this has taken forever to get there. As much of a clusterfuck as this has been with doing “professional” piercings (i.e. with a hollow needle) I don’t even want to think how bad my experience would have been had I been pierced with one of those stupid piercing guns they used at the mall.

Now, is this bad enough to put me off of more piercings? Probably not; I’ll still probably get more, but I just hope my experience is better next time. Ugh. This has been miserable!


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