When Life Just F**king Sucks…

It just happens, doesn’t it? Life fucking sucks sometimes (oh hell, who am I kidding – it sucks most of the time) and there ain’t nothing you can do about it, and especially when you get thrown a curveball.

I think the time has definitely come for me to part ways with my current company. I’ve been toying with the idea for a long time but when push comes to shove, I don’t see a future. It is what it is and I’m honestly OK with it. It goes far beyond a money issue, though that is some of it – it goes to a relocation/transfer issue and a hostile work environment. I can’t deal with that. It’s time to go. It’s not like I’m in any way emotionally attached to my job anyway.

I wasn’t expecting this but sometimes life throws you the unexpected. I don’t know whether I should run with this and look at other avenues (if so what?) or if this will mark the end of me in general. What the fuck else do I have to live for anyway? My dreams were dashed to bits and no matter what I do I won’t have really much (if anything) to look forward to in life. Like what’s the point?

Bleh. Why can’t I just fucking drop dead in my sleep? That would be lovely. To return to the blissful state of non-existence is the best possible thing that could happen to me right now. I doubt anyone would notice I was gone anyway. That’s how much of a friendless loser I am.

Bleh. I’ll just have to weigh it I guess. If I stop posting for an extended period of time, you’ll know what happened. Just saying.

Life sucks.


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