Perspectives on Life (A Rant)

Preface: The following rant has come about due to some asshole on my Facebook friends list reporting some of my posts recently (which I know has happened because Facebook gave my that “someone is concerned about you” bullshit). Read at your own risk.


I’ve recently had several debates with people (who I am assuming are Republicans/conservatives) on the appointment of Neil Gorsuch (or, as I prefer to call him, GorSUCK) to the Supreme Court of the United States. It should be very clear that I opposed his nomination but only did so for one reason: his opposition to physician-assisted suicide.

In my mind, it’s a black-and-white issue of civil rights. None of us chose to come into this world (or at least I don’t think we do) so we should all have the free choice to leave it if we so desire (for whatever reason – not just terminal illness) and to withhold access to life-ending drugs is probably the most egregious violation of personal liberty imaginable. For the government to step in and forcibly prevent people from having access to such drugs (or even trying to stop someone from committing suicide unassisted) is government overreach. To me it’s plain as day but what the fuck does stupid ass Libertarian me know about personal liberty?

Which brings me to the other topic of today’s rant: social attitudes toward life perspectives. For whatever reason, it is socially acceptable (and regarded as “normal”) to just love life and everything about it. On the other hand, to have even the slightest amount of distaste for life is seen as socially unacceptable to the point of either civilians or the government trying to force you to love it (via forcing one into counseling or forcing psychiatric drugs down one’s throat).

I’ll just be quite honest with you: I fucking hate life at the moment. I really do. I hate everything about it: my home life, my job, everything and I don’t see that changing in the future. Quite frankly I think I have good reasons to hate my life right now, for reasons I’ve mentioned previously on this blog as well as other reasons. Through my life experience I’ve come to the philosophical position of antinatalism (meaning that I think it’s bad to come into existence and that we should not bring new people into existence)** and when I debate my stance nobody seems to have any other retort than to say “get help” or some variant of that.

Well let me tell you what, Pollyannas: not everyone has it as easy, good or even as happy as you. There are more people who have truly miserable lives than actually have good lives. There are actually very legitimate reasons that life haters hate life, and if we were to be totally honest there are probably a lot more out there who do than will admit because of this social stigma around it as well as government interference where even they come in and try to force us to be happy-go-lucky. Sorry, I don’t go for that bullshit.

It seems to me that loving vs. hating life are just two sides to the same coin. I’m not saying you have to hate life; by all means if you love it then good for you. I’m not one to tell you how you should feel or view life. I just ask that you wouldn’t so readily dismiss the feelings of those who don’t feel the same way and maybe find out why they don’t feel the same way as you. I bet you’ll find out that those people have perfectly legitimate reasons to dislike their own existences.

Anyway, back to the topic of euthanasia/suicide: calling 911 on a suicidal friend, reporting their Facebook posts, etc. is pure utter bullshit. It’s not your life. It’s theirs to do with as you see fit and it is not your place nor is it the government’s place to try to stop someone from carrying that action out. If I feel like ending my own life I’ll damn sure do so and if anyone dares to use force in an attempt to stop me heaven help them. It won’t end pretty.

End rant.

**This is not to pass judgment on anyone’s reproductive choices. This are just my opinions. No offense is meant to anyone with that.

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