Happy New Ink Day To Me…

So here we are, at 11:32 AM this morning local time (I was born at 9:32 mountain time but two hours difference since DST starts earlier now) I officially completed my 30th trip around the sun. Goodbye, 20s! How time flies, right?

Which is why I chose a time themed piece for my 30th birthday tattoo. I wanted a pocket watch but something kind of cool and steampunk-ish. Well my artist took the ball, ran with it and delivered! Here’s my newest piece:


So the parameters were pocket watch with a steampunk influence. I think this definitely hits those points. My original version was B&G but my artist suggested some splashes of color with the general design of a pocket watch ripping out of my skin. Well alright, I figured she’s the artist and I’ll trust her and I am so glad I did. This thing is just amazing. Couldn’t think of a better way to ring in my next decade of life. As always, you can read more about this and all my other tattoos on the My Tattoos page (link on the menu bar up top).

Anyway, now I’m off to have a Scotch, a cigar and my birthday dinner. Cheers, everyone!

3 thoughts on “Happy New Ink Day To Me…

  1. Omg nice! That’s one of the coolest tats I’ve ever seen! Happiest of Birthdays to you! High fives and Aspie-friendly hugs to you 😘💖

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    • Thanks so much! This piece was all custom drawn for me so there’s not another tattoo like it out there. I absolutely love it too.

      Would you believe my artist has only been tattooing about a year and a half? She’s an absolutely natural. She’s going places, that’s for damn sure.

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      • Custom-drawn rocks!! Totally the way to go, I think 😊. If I ever get a tat, mine will be custom, too. More meaning that way 💜


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