More on Cure vs. No Cure

OK, I think I’ve had a sufficient break from this topic (after the barrage of hate mail I received over it) that I’m ready to attempt to address it again, but before I do let me forewarn you: if you cross the line I will blacklist your sorry ass and revoke your commenting privileges, do I make myself clear? Alright, back to the topic at hand.

So I’ve seen a number of people recently likening autism spectrum disorder to sexual orientation (a term some use is “neurological orientation”). First off, I’ll make it completely clear that I absolutely do not buy into the concept of neurological orientation. Equating sexual orientation to a neurological disorder or mental illness makes absolutely no sense to me. It’s a false equivalency.

Now, what I might consider a more accurate comparison (and I’ll entertain this concept even though I’m not 100% convinced of it) is comparing it to gender identity. Now, that might be a semantics game but hear me out here: gender dysphoria is currently treatable by hormone therapy and reassignment surgery. That is, it is possible to transition to have the physical appearance that properly aligns with one’s true identity (and if someone starts talking stupid bullshit in the comments dismissing that concept I will also blacklist your sorry ass so don’t go there).

So, how does this relate to the cure? Well, not all transgender people actually undergo the medical side of things and have reassignment surgery, nor are they really forced to by the medical establishment. I’d like to think of a cure for autism (and other deviant so-called “neurotypes”) in the same way; an option on the table for individuals who desire to become normal for whatever reason but otherwise would leave those who somehow or for whatever reason enjoy being neurological deviants alone (though I openly admit I don’t understand how anyone could enjoy being that way). I’ve always said I’m a complete Libertarian – I’m not about forcing anything on anyone. You live your life how you want, it affects me absolutely nil.

So I guess what I’m saying is that it is possible to take an equitable and fair approach to  the cure issue and not leave anyone dangling out in the wind. A lack of a cure leaves me still dangling out in the wind wishing I was normal (for professional and personal reasons) whereas a forced cure would leave those who, for whatever reason, are content with the way they are dangling out in the wind. The simple existence of a cure (should one come available) is of no threat to your existence. That’s not what you should be fighting. What you should be fighting for would be the fair application of such.

Of course, I think deep down that’s what you’re fighting for anyway, even though you incorrectly assume it must mean throwing the baby out with the bathwater.


One thought on “More on Cure vs. No Cure

  1. […] The first part of this post has been about autism, and so I introduce the remainder of it by way of a link to an interesting piece by The Inked Autist. My views are rather different to those expressed in this post, but I recommend that you read it here. […]


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