Early Birthday Present!!!

I’m one week away from completing my 30th trip around the sun. Sometimes (well, truth be told most of the time) I think that’s 30 years too long but as I’m finally starting to snap out of the rut I’ve been in most of my life and starting to enjoy things a bit more, even if my job might be less-than-satisfying (I keep reminding myself it’s only temporary after all).

Anyway, while the talented Jade draws up my next tattoo (which will be my on-my-birthday present to myself – you’ll be among the first to see my new ink right after it happens) I received my early birthday present in the mail yesterday and I’m like a kid at Christmastime.

My favorite cigar reviewer (Bryan Glynn over at CigarObsession – definitely check out his website and YouTube channel) in conjunction with Blanco Cigars released a line of CO branded cigars. I just knew they were going to be great because I like the same kinds of flavor profiles Mr. Glynn enjoys so I definitely trust his judgment in that if he likes something chances are I will also. I got lucky enough to be able to try the pre-release blends in each original vitola and they were all absolutely delicious. My old tasting notes on each:

1st Third (6″ x 52RG Box-Pressed Toro): Primarily peppery/spicy with an earthy and dark chocolate undertone. Med/full body flavors, mild/medium nicotine intensity. Kind of a classic maduro in that way but smoother than most maduros. Goes great with a stout beer. 1.25 hour smoke time.

2nd Third (5″ x 52RG Robusto): Slightly sweet aromatic cedar with a touch of creamy leather. Slightly dry/cottonmouth on the palate but still very smooth. Medium body flavors, mild nicotine intensity. Goes great with morning coffee. One hour burn time.

Final Third (6″ x 54RG Box-Pressed Toro): Dessert flavors for miles. A complex blend of sweet caramel, chocolate, cream and a light roast coffee. Slight pepper kick on the retrohale. Thick, dense smoke. Near full body flavors, medium nicotine intensity. A great after-dinner cigar or to have with a smooth, mellow Scotch (as to not overpower the cigar). Like a candy bar without the calories. Nice long 1.5 hour burn time. Slightly pricy but worth every penny (and a real bargain when compared to similar cigars that can retail at 2-3x the price!!!). One of my all-time favorite cigars.

So yeah, all great cigars. Well, last week they rolled out the full production cigars and not only in the vitolas above but each one also gets three brand new vitolas! The 1st Third adds a 5″ x 52RG Robusto, 6″ x 54RG Solomon and a 7″ x 38RG Lancero to the original Toro size, all in box press. The 2nd Third adds a 6″ x 52RG Toro, a 7″ x 48RG Churchill and a 6.125″ x 52RG Perfecto, all non-box press. The Final Third (ohhh baby!!!) adds a 5″ x 54RG Robusto, a 6.5″ x 54RG Torpedo and a 7″ x 38RG Lancero, all in box press. I’m really interested to taste the differences between the vitolas in each blend (normally different vitolas will have different subtleties, and especially true of very small and very large ring gauges). I want to just smoke them all right now but I’m being good and letting them acclimate in my tupperdor (basically a tupperware container with a Boveda 69% humidity pack – works just as well as a wooden humidor but much more cost effective and no requirement for seasoning or anything) for a couple of weeks before firing one of them up. It’s so tempting though!!!!

Man, don’t those all just look totally delicious? Left to right: 1st Third Lancero, Toro, Salomon and Robusto; 2nd Third Churchill, Robusto, Toro and Perfecto; Final Third Robusto, Toro, Torpedo and Lancero. I don’t know which one I’m going to try first??? Of course, I’ve already had the three original sizes but oh boy, here we go!!! You can bet I’ll be doing my own reviews as I smoke them.

Of course, if you want to try them you can get some for yourself over at the Blanco Cigars website (US only or for dropbox shipping) or at Atlantic Cigar (worldwide shipping).

Happy early 30th birthday to me!


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