Blogging Break

Guys, in light of recent events, I feel I need to step away from the blog for awhile, at which point I will re-evaluate whether I want to come back or walk away entirely.

As I started gaining traction I got my fair share of critics and vocal opponents. I’m OK with that. What I’m not OK with is the pure hate and vitriol that has been spewed my way the past couple of weeks, not only in the comments section but also via private message. I do not come to blog in order to be shat upon and verbally (typographically?) abused. I get plenty of that in real life.

I will still be around in a limited capacity, participating in the weekly Song Lyric Sunday prompt and maybe I’ll continue doing beer/cigar reviews but other than that? Congratulations detractors, you’ve officially shut me up from blogging about autism through my lens and about my opinions on it.

Which is probably what you wanted, well, I’m giving you what you want. I’ll just take my cure-desiring self elsewhere if you can’t handle opinions that differ from your own or desires that differ from your own.


3 thoughts on “Blogging Break

  1. Aww I’m so sorry that happened to you 😰 I’m saddened by the idea that members of a community who celebrate diversity, individual opinions and thoughts, and understand firsthand how tough life can be when you can’t live your dreams would treat one of our own this way. We’re used to being silenced and marginalized, and talked over and shouted down. It’s a shame that that happened to you. So you hold a different opinion, one that happens to dissent from those of others. So what? You have a right to that opinion. So the idea of the existence of a cure (I’m assuming that’s the crux of this issue?) scares the hell out of me, but is music to your ears. That’s only because by some twist of fate, I slipped by and got to pursue my path, and you didn’t. That doesn’t mean I get to attack you. That doesn’t mean we pose a threat to each other. Hell, that doesn’t even mean we can’t be friends! (I consider you a nice guy and a good friend 😊). We’re just in different places and if I could give you what you want, I would in a heartbeat. And as scary as I think it would be to have available, I would fight for one for you and your right to access it if I could. And even if our outlooks might be different, who cares; I still don’t get to crap on you. Hell, I’d fight for your right to speak and be heard, even if what you had to say differed from what I have to say. You’re speaking for yourself, and you even explained your reasoning, which you didn’t owe anyone. Reading your posts makes me stop and think, considering a very valid example of the counterpoint. I don’t think any different of you after reading, other than perhaps a lot more compassion. How could anyone read about your position and not have compassion? I’m not knocking anyone in particular, nor am I knocking anyone personally, it’s just that while I understand the recoil response, I don’t understand the bullying. To disagree is fine; to abuse another and silence them just because s/he might think differently or hold a different opinion is not. I hope your candle doesn’t go out completely. Keep taking, even if you have to turn your blog to private or something. Sending you positive thoughts ❤️


    • I understand why the concept could frighten some. Hell, it frightens me if it were to be put into practice the entirely wrong way (namely as a form of eugenics or genetic engineering). However if it were applied, for example, the way gender reassignment surgery is (namely only with express consent of the individual – not all trans people have the surgery) then it would be fine.

      Nonetheless, thank you for not being judgmental or spewing hate. I’ll still be around here some as well as on FB. I just need a break from the particular topic.

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      • I’m totally with you! Very on board with such a(n equitable!) solution. Excellent! I don’t understand why anyone would spew hate at you for that. And I don’t care if people get mad at me for agreeing with you, either. I stand behind my words and I stand behind you! ❤️

        See you on Facebook, my friend! I’m sorry I haven’t checked in there yet today; I’ll try to later tonight or definitely tomorrow 😊


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