First Piercings!!!

So I’ve been getting tattoos since January of last year; amassed 5 last year and I’m having my next one sketched up right now, but it’s pretty obvious I couldn’t just stop there. As they say one thing leads to another and I started toying with the idea of doing piercings. Well, the deed is done!

Of course, earlobes were the obvious place to start as by far they are the easiest. Of course, these are better as they were done professionally with a hollow needle as opposed to that stupid gun they use at Walmart and shit (the needle gives a cleaner piercing and a better end result). I just had my good friend and local tattoo artist (who’s done 4 of my 5 tattoos and is about to do another on me) do the piercings and while things didn’t go completely smoothly as she was out of practice, we still got them done and they look good. Went with the standard 14 gauge; a bit thicker than a gun piercing but better quality so worth it. Pain level was about on par with a blood draw in my opinion.

So what’s next? Probably a 2nd earlobe piercing in each but not for awhile. I imagine the next ones will go smoother but oh well, it wasn’t bad enough to put me off.

At any rate, I’m feeling accomplished. Might not feel any “cooler” but I do feel like I’m beginning to find myself and assert my bodily autonomy a bit more. As I come out of my shell, that’s good for me anyway.

As they say, onto the next ones!


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