I’m Scared, You’re Scared, We’re All Scared…

So about 14 hours from now, Donald John Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. If I was saying that I wasn’t scared I’d be lying out of my teeth. I’m absolutely petrified.

Please note I did not support Hillary Clinton either. I have no use for her either quite frankly. I voted for the Libertarian candidate, former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson. The bottom line is we had no good choices this cycle, but I will say Hillary scared me somewhat less. Donald (and the rest of the GOP) I find absolutely terrifying.

I’m scared as a person with a disability. We’ve seen what “The Donald” thinks about people with disabilities. We’ve all seen that video with him mocking that one disabled reporter. I wonder what he would think of me? Would he mock my involuntary hand flapping? My allergy-induced postnasal drip near constant throat clearing? What?

I’m scared as a bisexual person. I am currently single but if I find the right person to fall in love with it could be with either sex. Will same-sex marriage still be legal if/when that happens or will we be back to the subjugation of same-sex couples? I also fear that, according to VP-Elect Mike Pence’s position, we will have taxpayer funding of ex-gay “therapy” as he instituted in his home state. Truly scary.

I’m scared as an atheist. As the GOP takes control will we return to de-facto theocracy? Will the state law in Texas (and other states) officially banning atheists from holding public office be reinstated? I also fear for non-Christians of a variety of persuasion (especially Muslims – anyone with half a brain knows most of them are peaceful and moral people).

I’m male, but I fear for my female friends. Will their right to make decisions regarding their own body with the professional advice of a medical doctor Β (including whether or not to terminate a pregnancy) still be intact or will ultra-conservative Trump appointees overturn Roe v. Wade?

I fear for my friends who stand to lose their health insurance. I wasn’t a supporter of the ACA as it seems to me to be an overreach to mandate people purchase health insurance but for fuck’s sake please have a replacement plan in place before you repeal it.

I fear for my friends who are of racial minorities and have already been experiencing violence at the hands of the white supremacists who have been reinvigorated by the election of The Donald.

I fear for those who are terminally ill and have chosen to die with dignity. Will the GOP seek a federal ban on physician assisted suicide?

I’m scared. You should be scared. We should all be scared. You’d be crazy not to be scared. And I don’t know as though I even want to continue. Maybe I should ignore my semicolon and “check out” before this shitstorm even begins.

I’ve done my best, but not even these words can express the level of fear I have right now. And I think I’m justified in my fears.

3 thoughts on “I’m Scared, You’re Scared, We’re All Scared…

  1. I feel the fear as well my friend. If this election has taught me anything it’s to be involved and aware. I’m much for interested in the election process. I care about local elections, and every future election. I know we aren’t alone, but it’s hard not to feel powerless. I’m terrified that they want to take away the ACA without a replacement. Will my son one day be denied medical attention for his heart deffect? It scares me to my core.

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  2. Woo-hoo!! Awesome! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ. I’m libertarian as well, and yep, I voted for Gary Johnson, too (in both 2012 and 2016). I’m sorry he didn’t win; I think he would have been a really decent President. A breath of fresh air at least 😊


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