100 Followers Q&A Answer

So to mark 100 followers, I opened up a Q&A session. I only got one question but that’s OK, I’ll answer any more questions I get in the comments because just one is a bit boring.

Rachel over at Illuminated Literation asked, “If you could live anywhere, where would you choose?”

That’s an easy one: Australia, hands down. I have a couple of reasons for this. First off, with the year-round hot Australian climate men’s short shorts never really went completely by the wayside so I could at least wear them and not get looked at (too) strangely. Also, being a former British colony there is a strong change ringing presence there and the standard of ringing is generally very high (rivaling that of England and vastly superior to North America). I can deal with the inherent risks of living there (venomous/dangerous animals) for these benefits. If only their immigration standards weren’t so stringent!

Anyway, there you go. Anymore questions for me, anyone? Ask away.


2 thoughts on “100 Followers Q&A Answer

    • Truth be told I’ve never been either, but those things (and a few more minor ones) do appeal to me. Nonetheless, no matter where I live (US or otherwise) I have to at least have a nearby change ringing tower. 😛

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