Hey guys, today I got my 100th follower. I have to say I’m truly blown away.

When I started this blog I had a feeling it was going to be little more than a personal journal and that nobody would really read it. Or at least that’s been my experience on this site before. I’ve grown far beyond what I ever expected.

So what now? Well, how about a little Q and A? Do you want to know something about me? Feel free to ask. In a week’s time I’ll answer any questions (assuming I get any). I think this will be fun for everyone.

Ask away!


8 thoughts on “100 Followers?!?!?

  1. That’s awesome!! Congrats 😊 You never know just how many lives you’re touching. Just one of your blog posts might be the catalyst that changes someone’s life and makes their day. One sentence can make all the difference. Kinda eerie but also really cool to be able to help someone that much 😊❤️

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