Tattoo Nightmares – “Make it as Ugly and Painful as Possible”

As a tattoo enthusiast and someone who gets over-enthusiastic about things I get involved in (I imagine it’s an autism trait truth be told) I spend countless hours watching tattoo reality shows (Ink Master, Tattoo Titans, etc.) and scouring the depths of YouTube for juicy content related to tattoos (be it first tattoo reactions, horrible tattoo typos, etc.) and stumbled across this one which, quite honestly, made me very angry watching it. I’ll take shit parenting for $2,000 Alex:

Now, I realize this is a reality show and might not be able to be taken at face value (not to mention the nightmares are dramatized for the Cinema effect) but some people are so anti-tattoo that I would not put it past them to do this kind of thing. Alas, I’m bothered by more than one thing here.

1) The parents. If they didn’t want their daughter getting a tattoo underage, then they should have stood their ground and said “no.” It would have been better to make her wait than have her wind up with an ugly ass tattoo as tattoos don’t wash off. Also “painful as possible?” What are these parents sadistic or something? Granted, using pain as discipline is as old as humanity itself but this goes far beyond just a swat on the ass (and even modern academic/psychological studies question the value of that).

Honestly, I support a uniform minimum age of 18 (at least in the US) to receive a tattoo and even caution against getting one prior to one’s early 20s. Most 18 and 19 year olds aren’t quite mature enough to make a lifelong decision like this (most, not all) but I don’t support an age higher than this because the military age is 18 and as far as I’m concerned if you can be sent to war you’re old enough to drink, smoke, vote, do whatever drugs you want (yes, I think drugs should be decriminalized as a whole), buy a gun and get whatever body mods you want. I still caution against it though just out of principle.

2) The tattoo artist. I’d like to know what tattoo artist put making money before morals, ethics and principles so I am sure to never get a tattoo from that artist. If the artist in question here had any, and I mean ANY self-respect or respect for the industry or art he/she would not have agreed to this. Any tattoo artist worth his/her salt would have said “I’m not doing this to a human canvas.” A good tattoo artist will also tell you that if you push too hard, use too much voltage, too hard a hit or too fast a frequency the needles will irreparably damage the skin and leave scars and other permanent damage. This not only makes the tattoo look like total shit but also makes cover-up work later on down the road that much more difficult and painful. Lastly, any reputable tattoo artist would not purposefully do a tattoo he/she is not proud of. After all, that is that person’s work on display from hereon out.

As far as I’m concerned the artist who did this should be put out of business and have his/her shop shut down. This is unethical behavior and even in some ways physical assault. This kind of thing is unacceptable PERIOD.

I say all this because this kind of thing is not what leads to more acceptance of tattoos in mainstream society. This just reinforces the stereotype that tattooed people and tattoo artists are rebels and savages rather than normal, good people. This does NOTHING to help our cause and as such I’d like to send a big “FUCK YOU!” to ANY artist who would pull this shit. This is just immoral, no matter how you turn it.

End rant for today.