Holiday Blues

I know I’m not the only one who suffers from the holiday blues but it sure isn’t the easiest thing to deal with, even for a total introvert like me.

I really do try to stay as upbeat as I can during the holiday season but it is very difficult for me to do. When most people are exchanging gifts and enjoying feasts and company of their families, I normally am relegated to my home alone and with nobody.

My relationship with my family is strained, even my immediate family. We get along and whatever but it is strained due to certain issues. My extended family? Hah. I’m not allowed at their gatherings anymore due to my religious stance (atheism). I’m also seen as the weird one and due to those reasons I’m made to be an outcast.

I hate to bitch and moan but I just feel horrible. I imagine I’ll be okay but still, it’s tough. I’d almost rather be at my miserable job than stuck at home on a holiday. As weird as it sounds that would take some of the sting out.

Whatever the case, sorry. I just had to get that out.

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