White Coat Syndrome and Autism?

Something I’m curious about with my fellow autism spectrum folks: white coat syndrome.

Friday I took my company mandated yearly physical (luckily paid for by them) and was given a clean bill of health with the exception of my blood pressure. It always, and I mean ALWAYS reads high in a doctor’s office. The highest I remember reading is like 170/100; this time wasn’t so bad with only slightly elevated systolic pressure (136) but still; unless I’ve been exercising or something along those lines my blood pressure reads normal in a non-clinical setting.

I’m posting because I’m curious to see if this is a common phenomenon among us autism spectrum folks. I imagine it might have something to do with it because of anxiety that often comes with visiting the doctor (yes, I will admit it’s stressful for me) but I’m truly curious.

Alas, for me this time was not as bad as it normally is. I wonder if my body art has some effect on that. Having 5 tattoos now I wonder if subconsciously that caused a lessening of anxiety in a clinical setting. I will admit I no longer get really nervous when going in for a new tattoo (whereas my first one I was absolutely petrified) so I really do wonder if that has had an effect.

Anyway, please¬†means chime in with your experiences. I’m truly curious.


2 thoughts on “White Coat Syndrome and Autism?

  1. I’ve always experienced anxiety at the doctor’s clinic. My blood pressure once even shot up to 180/120 at the clinic. I take readings at home, where it plunges to 140/100 or so. There is something about doctors and the antiseptic smell of clinics that triggers it off.


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