Reaction: Restaurant Bans Head/Neck Tattoos

So I was cruising my Facebook news feed and I came across this doozy of a story.

Well I frequent Dallas quite often but I know where I will not be eating in the future. If some judgmental jackass wants to refuse service to people based on body modifications I suppose he is within his legal rights to do so (though it could get sticky when tattoos are applied for religious purposes) but I have to say this is a super dick move on his part and further demonstrates the stigma that still to this day comes with having tattoos, piercings and other body modifications.

I guess some people never do learn, do they? I wish the general public would get through their heads that bodily modified people are far more than their body modifications. Such unfair and unequal treatment further bolster my belief that bodily modified individuals should be a protected class (and I have discussed this in a previous blog entry).

Now, if you’re in a family-friendly restaurant and bill yourself as such then I think it is perfectly fine to not allow vulgar or obscene tattoos because some other clientele might be offended. OK, whatever, but 99%+ of people with tattoos do not have vulgar or offensive ink so we see the problem.

Anyway, I read a little later that the restaurant apparently reversed its ban but I am still unlikely to go there. Despite reversing the ban, the owner just seems like a first-rate asshole and I have no desire to ever visit his establishment as a result.

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