Mission Accomplished: No-Shave November

Well, it’s official: I have survived No-Shave November.

For whatever reason facial hair really bugs me. By that I mean on MY face. I think it can look good on the right person but man, it just drives me up the wall to have it myself. The itch is almost unbearable in the early stages and even after it goes away I just don’t like the feeling of having facial hair (again, could be a sensory thing related to autism) and honestly I don’t really like the way it looks on me.

On the other hand, I’m a terrible shaver (I always manage to cut my face to shreds) so I’ve found a middle ground of using a beard trimmer on the lowest possible setting ever few days (thus leaving the ever so slightest amount of stubble, which I can get away with as my facial hair grows fairly slowly).

Alas, it’s for a good cause (prostate cancer awareness) so I’ll gladly put up with 30 days of beard itch and irritation. I don’t know how I get through it but somehow I do every year. Alas, here’s 30 days of growth on me. Get a good look because you won’t see it again until next November:

With that, here in a short bit it will be back to my normal tiny bit of stubble. I can’t wait. 😛