Thanksgiving Reflections

This will be brief but I just want to post some brief reflections on this day.

Admittedly up until very, very recent years I was always really bitter on Thanksgiving and toward its central theme. I was broke or unemployed a lot of the time, felt I had nothing to really live for or anything. My relationship with most of my family is strained at best and my life was basically all around shit. I spent every waking hour of every day wishing I had never been born and wishing I were dead. Thanksgiving? Heh; what the hell for?

I think it’s safe to say I feel differently this year. Yeah, my life is still rough and nothing will ever change the fact that I’m locked out of my dream job. Alas, there’s no question my life is better today than where I was even a year ago. This year I discovered a passion for tattoos and I extend thanks to the artists who have permanently etched their mark on me. Though my job is shitty at times, I give thanks for those who took me under their wings and given me a chance to shine.

Above all I’m thankful for my blogger buddies. When I started this blog I had little more expectation than being an online journal. Instead I’m quickly approaching 100 followers in a very short time. The friends I’ve made here have been a huge blessing to me. I know I’m cantankerous at times and at times I unleash profanity-laden rants but you stick by my side regardless. I never figured I would have anything more than an occasional comment from a stranger on this site, but you’ve given me great interaction and I feel I’ve learned from and bonded with you all. I hope you all feel the same about me.

So yes, to all of my blogging buddies, both in the US and abroad, have a very Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your day.



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