Friends in Unexpected Places and More Career Ponderings

​It always amazes me that you find so many friends in the most unlikely places. In my case, I found out such at work and the outpouring of support from everyone has been nothing but amazing. 

When I sent out my letter of resignation on Friday I immediately got a bunch of responses back saying how much I’d be missed and how they wished I’d give the matter more thought. It was absolutely overwhelming, and in fact so overwhelming I decided to stick around for the time being. 

If it’s a lesson I’ve learned over the course of the past two weeks, it’s that I guess I never much realized how highly the people who really know me think of me despite my shortcomings and oddities. Sure, my mental health condition makes me a little odd in some ways, I have multiple tattoos and am about to have piercings, I have strange taste in clothing and I’m just totally unconventional. They look past that at the quality of the work I put out and I guess I never realized before just how huge my role with this company has been. It’s just been a very sobering few days for sure. 

Now, is that to say I’ll be with this company forever? Don’t count on it. I will eventually move on as almost all of us do (very rarely do people stay with one company for their entire lives). I’m still searching for something that really satisfies my soul (as much as I hate to admit it this job still isn’t very rewarding for me) but until I find out what that is it’s comforting to know that I have friends here who value not only my work but me as a person. 

I’ll always look to better myself and at this point I’m considering self-employment as an option as well. It dawned on me last night while I was puffing a Padron 3000 Natural and sipping a Glenlivet Nadurra that why not take those two loves and combine them into a business idea? Most tobacco shops don’t sell alcohol and most liquor stores don’t sell premium cigars. If I can combine the elements of a cigar shop, a liquor store and a lounge I could be onto something good and sell fine cigars, microbrew beers and fine whiskeys of all kinds (Scotch, Bourbon, Irish, Canadian, etc.). For the non-drinkers I’d have artisan coffees to choose from. I’d want somewhere that people can come in, enjoy the finer things in life and meet and visit with new people. No TVs, soft background music and no WiFi. Maybe a couple of chess boards, a few decks of cards and a pool table or two. For me I’d be getting paid to enjoy my vices and being the owner I could come to work with all my tattoos showing, all my piercings in and wearing my short shorts and I’m sure nobody would give a shit as they’d be too interested in drinking, smoking and shooting the shit. 

Now obviously this is quite some time down the road but still, it’s a dream of mine. They say you’d never work a day in your life and maybe it wouldn’t feel like work at all. Man, I’m almost 30 years old and I still don’t know what I want be when I grow up (well, I do but that option is closed hah). I guess I really am still a child at heart. 


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