Presidential Endorsement

Yes, this is an old entry, but I’m re-running this entry as the election nears. Please note I am not being paid or receiving any kickback for this endorsement in any way.


I don’t often like to write about politics on this blog, but here you go. All party nominees have been selected. For my non-American readers, I apologize for subjecting you to this and feel free to disregard this post. For my American readers, read on.

So who am I endorsing for president? Will I be throwing my chips behind Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Well, I’ve never felt so strongly about an election as to sport a political bumper sticker on my car, but this one I feel very strongly about. I’ll let my car do the talking:


That’s right! I am officially endorsing Libertarian Gary Johnson for president. Now why would I endorse a so-called “third party” candidate? That’s easy. Gary Johnson is the only candidate who will defend a woman’s right to choose while at the same time defending the sanctity of life (yes it is possible). He is the only candidate that defend the right of gays to marry the people they love while at the same time defending religious freedom for all. Gary Johnson’s track record as governor of New Mexico speaks for itself: cutting unnecessary government spending, eliminating unnecessary government jobs and cutting taxes. He fully supports the 2nd amendment and opposes any legislation restricting the sale of firearms or ammunition. He supports legalizing marijuana. He opposes unnecessary military action and intervention. He supports cracking down on illegal immigration while at the same time providing an easier path to legal immigration. Like, what’s not to love?

Gary Johnson is the real deal. He is the best of both Hillary and Donald without any of their worst traits. Why wouldn’t you vote for him?

Oh, that’s right: because people are convinced that a vote for a so-called “third party” is just a wasted vote. Well, if that mindset were to change the establishment could be rocked. People have been brainwashed by the American media and political pundits into thinking that there are only two choices. It’s time to bite them in the ass and prove them wrong.

Democrats and Republicans both support big government: Democrats want excessive business regulations and higher taxes, Republicans want to control what happens in a woman’s uterus and in your bedroom. It’s time to kick both of them to the curb and elect a real small-government, freedom loving individual. It’s time to elect Libertarian Gary Johnson to the office of President of the United States.


3 thoughts on “Presidential Endorsement

    • Oh there are a number of small parties in the US. I imagine though you don’t hear about them much on the other side of the pond as they don’t get any media coverage. The two major parties practically buy and control the media.


      • You’re right, we don’t hear much apart from the Republican and Democrat parties. It’s similar here, there are smaller parties who don’t have much chance of winning, but they do seem to get a bit more media coverage, maybe because us Brits like an underdog story!


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