Cigar Review: Montecristo Artisan Series Batch 1 Toro

So here’s a new feature I might throw in occasionally on this blog: cigar reviews. I don’t think I have any cigar smokers who follow my blog but maybe I do. As they aren’t as universally enjoyed as beer they won’t be as often as my beer reviews but these are fun to do anyway.

Anyway, the topic of today’s review is a new-to-me cigar. This cigar comes in only one vitola – a toro that measures 6″ long x 54 ring gauge (for those not in the pit, ring gauge is the diameter measured in 1/64ths of an inch). Construction features a nice, chunky what appeared to be triple cap and good construction.

This was a very transitional cigar with the first inch or so dominated by a big blast of cayenne pepper spice and pushing full body. This died down and mellowed out into a medium-to-full musty aged tobacco with a dry cocoa powder undertone and texture. This mellowed out into more of a cream flavor into the 2nd third and bringing in a slight caramel and coffee. This then transitioned by bringing the coffee more to the forefront and a dialing down of the cream. Nearing the end the dry cocoa powder texture and flavor returned as well as a little bit of the cayenne heat.

Construction was very good with a beautiful draw and even burn all the way down. The only big downside was the relatively short burn time for the size – I only got about 55 minutes out of it before it started to go too hot and acrid for my preference (I’m not one to smoke a cigar all the way down to the nub, I prefer a cooler and smoother smoke so I end my cigars a bit early). I’d have expected a slower burn for the size and price point. A quick burn with a super premium cigar just does not create a good value-for-money ratio.

Other than that, I really enjoyed this cigar. I imagine it would be versatile to many different drink pairings. Rating: 4/5.


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