Beer Review: Valkyrie Double IPA

From Southern Star Brewing company in Conroe, Texas comes the Valkyrie. This Double IPA lives up to her name weighing in at 9.5% ABV and a whopping 110 IBU. Don’t let the ridiculous IBU rating put you off though as she does have a sweet side that makes for a deliciously well-rounded brew.

Pours a hazy golden-orange color with a 1″ head which gradually recedes to a thin ring and leaves lots of lacing on the glass. Aromas of citrus and pine up front with an undertone of alcohol astringency and an undertone of caramel. Palate follows with a big blast of tart grapefruit hops with a dry, piney finish. An ample backbone of caramel malt sweetness and alcohol burn balances out the intense hop kick. Smooth, thick mouthfeel with medium carbonation leaving a hop oil slickness on the lips. An easy sipping beer but a little rough to take big gulps of.

Overall a solid Double IPA with a big hop punch but a solid malt backbone making for a hoppy yet smooth beer. I’m not the biggest fan of IPAs but this is one I return to time and time again. Rating: 4/5.

3 thoughts on “Beer Review: Valkyrie Double IPA

    • I’m picky about mine. I only like a select few. I actually prefer Double IPAs over just regular ones because the higher ABV and bigger body actually helps to soften the hop bite.

      One I would recommend up your way is Ninkasi Tricerahops. Unfortunately we can’t get it here but I drank a lot of it when I lived in Idaho. It’s actually more on the sweet and fruity side as opposed to bitter.

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