When a Fortune Cookie Happens to Be Right

“Shanghai Hong Kong egg fu yung, fortune cookie always wrong” right? Well, maybe not so much. Let me explain.

For the past several months I have been trying to convince the powers that be at the local Episcopal Church that our change ringing bells are in severe disrepair and in need of a major overhaul by a reputable bell hanging company. My concerns had largely fallen on deaf ears and I had all but given up on it so I shelved the idea and just accepted that the change ringing bells at that church would forever be silent.

So fast-forward to last Thursday when I was enjoying a meal at my favorite local Chinese restaurant. I always enjoy eating at that restaurant because the food is impeccable and I always get incredible service. So I finished my dinner and cracked open to find a fortune that said “Your efforts in a critical area will soon be rewarded.” I just kind of laughed it off as I always do with fortune cookies (by the way, a cookie for whoever got the reference above!) and shelved it.

Then comes Sunday (yesterday). Apparently the organ console cratered yesterday. Go figure. That is going to be a very expensive repair, but apparently the music director remembered my concerns with the structural integrity of the change ringing peal. He therefore called the tower captain who then emailed him the detailed report I had prepared, and from there the report was passed on to the powers that be and it looks like we might actually be getting our bells restored according to my recommendations! It’s not a definite but I’m at least being included in the discussions and I’m actually being taken seriously.

So today I was reflecting upon my fortune and I realize just how prophetic it happened to be. Now, I’m not a believer in god, fate or anything of the sort but this was almost an answered prayer in a way. I feel like I’m finally getting recognition for something. I’ve never gotten recognition for anything in my life and I had resigned myself to thinking I was a nobody and that’s all I ever would be (be it due to autism or my lack of having any extraordinary talent). However, if my vision and effort is what will ultimately lead to having a properly installed change ringing peal at my home tower, I’ll at least have a small legacy within that circle.

For once in my life I feel like I’ve accomplished something worthwhile, and it feels really good. Even if I don’t accomplish anything else, I’ve at least left my mark here. Though I often wish I had never existed, moments like this make me realize that although my existence might be bad for me, someone else has benefitted from my existence.