Teachers With Tattoos/Piercings?

If any K-12 and/or university teachers follow or read my blog, please chime in on this. What is your experience with tattoos or piercings at your job?

I ask as I’m seriously considering making a career change and going back into teaching (I taught for awhile before but I’m thinking about going back into it). Do you have tattoos, facial piercings or both? If so, has it been a barrier to employment? Do they make you cover your tattoos or remove your piercing jewelry? If you are not tattooed or pierced yourself, do you have colleagues with tattoos/piercings and are they treated any differently?

I used to teach high school and university math when I was a blank canvas but if I were to go back into teaching I wouldn’t do math. I’d go back to school and get a music-ed degree and I’d want to teach elementary music or be a middle school/high school choir director.

I imagine it largely has to do with geographic area and large urban vs. small rural district but I’m just curious to hear of various experiences. Please let me know.


2 thoughts on “Teachers With Tattoos/Piercings?

  1. I have almost 0 point-of-reference for this, but I remember my history teacher had his tongue pierced and he wore a flesh colored ball to make it less noticeable. My elementary school principal had multiple piercings in his ears. I come from a very small pretty conservative town.

    That said, I have a feeling that you would make an incredibly empathetic, wonderful teacher.


    • Thank you for your input. I do miss certain aspects of teaching which is why I am toying with going back into it. I consistently got high marks on my evaluations so that’s not my concern. I only hope my tattoos and piercings when I get them (one thing leads to another) will not be a barrier.

      I now have five tats so you know. I got another one while you were away. 😛

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