Trifecta-Day 3

I was nominated for the Trifecta challenge by sailajaP14. Thank you so much.

In keeping with a theme, I’m sticking with inspirational tattoo quotes. This is one I came across on

The rules- a gentle reminder-

  • Three Quotes for three days.
  • Nominate three different people.
  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Inform the nominees.
  • Smile.😀

Today’s nominees:

Karuna – One of my early friends on this blog. Thanks for befriending me.

Helen Espinosa – I know you don’t normally do these and you’re on break, but it’s a shoutout for your awesome Song Lyric Sunday weekly theme.

Troubles of a 20-Something – You haven’t blogged in awhile so I figured you needed some inspiration. 😉

This was a fun little challenge. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


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