Anticipation: First Tattoo Convention (And a Small Teaser)

So a fantastic opportunity has presented itself to me for next week and I can hardly wait: my first ever tattoo convention!

I’ve only been part of the “inked club” for 10 months now (I think I’ve made up for lost time!) and have met so many cool new people and had such a fun time in the process. There’s one thing I’ve not yet done though: I’ve yet to go to a tattoo convention.

Well, that’s about to change. In working with my local artist on a new design and trying to nail down a date she suggested that we both go to a nearby convention and do the tattoo there and just have some fun in the process. Well, I’m always down for a trip and a chance to get away from everyday life for awhile is good for me. It’ll actually be a first for both of us – my first convention and her first time tattooing at a convention. Icing on the cake right?

And here’s a little teaser: here’s the sketch she drew up for me. It’s a memorial tattoo memorializing my maternal/maternal great-grandparents – when I was a kid both lived with us until their deaths. He was US Army Cavalry; she was Japanese and loved her flowers and especially peonies. The elements selected therefore are symbolic of each of them.

Of course, once the tattoo is completed I’ll show the actual tattoo, tell the story in more depth and add it to the my tattoos page for permanent reference.

Anyway, wish us both luck!