One Thing Leads To Another…

OK, so my tattoo addiction is no secret seeing as how this is one of the central themes to my blog (and I hope to be going under the needle again here in the not so distant future – I’ll be sure to show-and-tell when I do! – it’s coming up with the time and money really) but admittedly this is getting somewhat old hat so I’m on to the next adventure: piercings.

Yep, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing facial and/or body piercings now. I figure after having a few tattoos done piercings shouldn’t be a huge deal. Yeah, they go through more skin than a tattoo needle but most aren’t in super sensitive areas (well, maybe except for the tongue and the genitals – but those are absolute no-gos for me), they’re over quickly (unlike a tattoo which can take many many hours) and I’ve had lidocaine shots in the mouth before so I can’t imagine them being any worse than that.

Of course, I’d start with earlobes and go from there. I’d do both ears instead of one for sure, and with the help of a friend I already have some nice fake bone/horn/wood earrings picked out that actually look like gauges when worn but really aren’t. These appeal to me because they have a very Celtic look to them and would go very well with my bagpiper uniform.

I’ve also considered going ahead and doing double-piercings in the earlobes for just everyday wear. After all, Roland Orzabal of Tears for Fears has double ear piercings and he rocked the look hardcore back in the day (don’t know if he still does as his hair has grown out to cover his ears in modern times):

From there, I don’t know. I’m not yet brave enough to do cartilage piercings (though I might at some point), but I always thought like snake bites looked kinda cool. IDK, maybe eyebrows too? If I were to do a nose it would be a septum. Nipple piercings? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know.

So for those with both tats and piercings, how does the pain, aftercare, etc. compare from one to the other? What should I know before doing ear, facial and/or body piercings? Any information anyone can provide, please let me know.