Tattoo Road Block

So folks, I’ve hit a road block in designing my next tattoo. Maybe some of you all can help point me in the direction I need to look for the last bit of information I need for my concept to be complete.

So here’s the concept behind my next ink: simply put, it’s going to be a memorial to my great-grandmother. She was a very special person to me and I figured what better way to memorialize her? She was Japanese and she loved her flowers, and especially peonies. As such, I decided to incorporate the peony with her birth name in Kanji and tie it in with my great-grandfather (who I barely knew) and a symbol for him – the US Army Cavalry insignia with his name (In English).

Sounds like I have a complete concept in mind right? Well I do, and that’s why I’m at a little bit of a road block. I’m also going to incorporate birth and death dates as well as their married date. I know both birth/death dates but I cannot for the life of me trace their marriage records. I’ve looked on like Ancestry and such (spent a fair amount of money too) only to come up empty.

I think the problem is that they might have been married on a US Military Base and thus those records aren’t readily accessible by these online databases. I do not have any sort of marriage certificate or anything so I have no paper record either. As such, I’m really afraid I might end up with an incomplete tattoo (and the question then becomes do I proceed and just accept that it will forever be incomplete or just scrap the idea altogether?).

This is where I turn to you. Do you have any ideas for where I should look for this information? Please, any and all suggestions, leave them in the comments. I really like this concept and I really want the tattoo, but I want to make sure the design is exactly what I want before the needles pierce my skin.


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