Beer Review: Prairie BOMB! 

Say hello to my big friend BOMB! hailing from Prairie Artisan Ales in Oklahoma. This beer is an Imperial Stout aged on espresso beans, cocoa nibs, vanilla beans and ancho chilies. It weighs in at a hefty 13% ABV and 65 IBUs and baby it is all there. Had it on draft at my favorite local watering hole last night, paid $13 for a pour but it was worth every penny.

Pours an opaque jet black as a good Imperial Stout should. A thin ring of chocolate brown head crowns the surface of the beer. Aroma is dominated by espresso and a hint of chocolate with undertones of vanilla and spiciness. Taste brings out more of the same but brings the spiciness of the chili peppers to the forefront and features that classic chocolate and chili combination. The coffee is less pronounced on the palate than the nose and mixes well with the touch of vanilla. Beneath the core flavors are the classic flavors of roasted malt and a subtle hop note that one would normally expect from an Imperial Stout. Thick mouthfeel, medium carbonation. Goes down slightly harsh due to the ABV and chili peppers but drinks well enough – you just can’t take more than tiny sips at a time. When paired with the turtle cheesecake I had for dessert it was a perfect

A beautifully complex beer that is worth its asking price. This one gets top marks from me – 5/5. You’ve got to get your hands on this one.


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